• Roller Kit
    Allows the bushing of shock absorbers to be replaced by needle bearing.

    Optimize performace. Greater absortion and sensitivity. Compatible with all shocks.

    More waterproof and durable than any other system. Eliminate gaps and noise

    Made to measure without shims.Personalized service, guaranteed result.

  • Amachete Press Tool
    Essential press in/out tool for maintaining the rear shock..

    Specific design, several models.

    Fast and easy to handle.

    Valid for all shocks.

  • Suspension Bearings Kits
    Specific bearings for suspension joints, bottom bracket, wheels, etc

    Renew your bike joints at the best price.

    Eliminate gaps and unpleasant noises.

    Enhances touch and sensitivity of the suspension.

Latest Updates

>14,7 & 16 mm eye let Roller Kit for CCDB & DT Swiss: We have in stock Roller Kit for these especial eye lets diameter.

>Press In/Out Tool: Valid for original DU bushings maintenance and eye bearings kits assembly (choose 14 or 15 mm eyelets).

>Off Set Roller Kit: we have in stock excentric munting hardware with needles bearings. 1mm off set for 8mm axles and 2mm offset for 6mm screws.

>10 mm axle and specific kits: We have developed a specific eye shock Roller Kit for some models equipped whit 10mm axle and for some models with special linkage like Blur LT1, Nomad 1, Mondraker, Trek, etc.


* For only 14,52 euros more, get a press in/out tool when ordering your shock eye Roller Kit.
* Free shipping cost if you need the second Roller Kit for your shock, also if you order it with your friend.



The new team Canyon-Amachete consists of riders Dudu Cuesta and Manuel Muñoz participated with Canyon Torque bikes equipped with amachete components in Maxiavalanche, Vallnord. The main goal was introduce and test new models of Canyon and amachete prepare.

We custom made all of our kits, which differentiates us from other systems that use shims for its adjustment. Also, the pins have a new treatment to increase resistance to compressive forces that occur in this important Joint.

Other manufacturers sell similar kits to ours, but we have invented and we have been developing them for more than 10 years, for that reason and because of it is a very specialized product, we offer personalized attention and immediate solution to any problem. See our excellent references in the “Products” section.

With the same enthusiasm and excitement we put into the Roller Kit, we are developing new products that soon we will be brought to market. If you wish you can leave your data in the “Contact” section and we will keep you informed.

Why Amachete?

Amachete’s philosophy is to offer its customers exclusive, beautifully crafted pieces that improve the performance of two wheels mechanics, to the greatest extent possible. Each new idea stems directly from the area of competitive racing as a way to improve upon the original system by optimizing its efficiency and durability.  With our products and services you ´ll achieve intelligent solutions  to real needs, exclusive, highly specialized treatment as friendly and, above  all, a great value for your bike.
Our social responsibility guides us towards excellence in customer care and commitment to the environment through our promotional activities.